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The Better Jewelry Stand

Jewelry storage options have always been limited. It seems you must either choose between function or aesthetic, cheap or expensive, limited or bulky. For something as basic and consistent as jewelry, there should be a better option. That is why Bow & Sprig was founded (read more about our startup journey here).
Bow & Sprig believes in the idea that everyday items can be made with both function and aesthetics in mind. Bow & Sprig’s jewelry stand provides the functionality of a jewelry box on a more accessible and visible platform.
Beyond just being able to hold all jewelry types, each feature has a thoughtful purpose behind it. The hooks are extra narrow so you may hang your necklaces by their clasps to avoid their chains rubbing on the metal. The bracelet cylinder is narrower to accommodate all wrist sizes and bracelet shapes, even large hoop earrings. The ring slots and drawers are velvet-lined to ensure even the most delicate pieces are protected. These are just some examples of how Bow & Sprig is challenging and changing the status quo for jewelry storage.
Our intention for function and passion for beautiful design is the cornerstone of our mission.