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Meet Our Founder & CEO


Dana Browne has spent her life moving frequently, living in all corners of the country, including San Diego, Charleston, and Washington D.C. Because of her nomadic lifestyle, she tries to curate simple home furnishings that are clean, pretty, and multi-functional. When she couldn't find jewelry storage that fit these standards, she decided to fill an otherwise overlooked gap in the market with Bow & Sprig's Signature Jewelry Stand. Since originally launching, she has expanded this principal to other home products that need a refresh, building a brand on beautiful functionality. 

Dana is currently based in Dallas, TX with her husband and two boys. She enjoys her coffee in the morning, wine at night, and playing flag football and softball in a local coed league.

As Bow & Sprig continues to grow, Dana is looking forward to creating more products that juxtapose beauty and function.