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The Gift Guide for You

1. Pajamas  //  2. Playful Print  //  3. Bathing Set  //  4. Facial Spray  //  5. Jewelry Stand  //  6. Scrunchie  //  7. Slippers  // 

8. Salt & Pepper Set  //  9. Candle Sticks  //  10. Candle

With this being our first year, we are overcome with gratitude and a need to indulge, if we are being honest. We are certain we cannot be the only ones, so what better to start the New Year than with a gift or two for yourself! 2019 was a doozy; we all deserve a little treat for just us. We put together a list of our favorite things and we hope this will encourage you to remember to tend to yourself. 

1. Pajamas - These are the most comfortable, classic set of PJ's we have come across pretty much EVER. We cannot emphasize enough, this set is too good to just give to someone else. Treat. Your. Self. 

2. Playful Print - At Bow & Sprig, we firmly believe that your home should be your haven, your perfect backdrop to you living your best life. It would be impossible to not be happy everyday seeing this print hanging on your wall, and definitely would be the perfect addition to your haven.

3. Bathing Set - Obviously, we love lavender. It is the inspiration behind our logo and all around brand, so we would be hard-pressed to pass on this set from a company we have been following since before our launch. 

4. Facial Spray - Through the most stressful times, or just surviving a Texas summer, this is our go-to facial spray. No fuss, no muss, just water and the most refreshing thing to meet your face. Trust us.

5. Jewelry Stand - We've said it before and we will say it again, you need this jewelry stand! Everything is accessible, visible, and all on the most beautiful platform. Upgrade your jewelry storage will upgrade your everyday life.

6. Scrunchie - Scrunchies are back, and we are here for it. There is something about this playful print that make this scrunchie the most perfect marriage between playful and put-together, and we are here for it.

7. Slippers - Finally, slippers we want to wear! These slippers not only make our feet warm, they make our hearts warm with joy. We insist, there could not be a better way to start the day.

8. Salt & Pepper Set - It is in the details. Who could not love this beautiful and unique set to keep your salt and pepper? They are sure to look fabulous on any tablescape and are guaranteed to be a good conversation starter!

9. Candle Sticks - Pretty in pink. We are suckers for milk glass and these candle sticks are no exception. Our founder actually bought them for herself for her last birthday, so these candle sticks definitely had to be included on the list. 

10. Candle - Last, but never least, this candle is heaven. It is good for all seasons and makes enough of an impact without overwhelming the space. Imagine lighting this candle after a long day, breathing it in and immediately feeling lighter.

Buy it all or don't buy any of it. Just remember you this upcoming year. Onward and upward to you being your best and living your best!