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Reflecting on Our Draper James Pop-up Tour


What a whirlwind Bow & Sprig has had in the past month thanks to the overwhelming hospitality and support of Draper James! Many people have asked how the connection was made to begin with, especially since the opportunity was so great. Truly all it took was us putting ourselves out there and some awesome women empowering our dream.

When we only had a sketch of a jewelry stand and were seeking feedback from retailers in the area with similar target audiences, the Draper James team in Dallas (recently moved to Southlake) was enthusiastic about the jewelry stand design and concept. They asked for us to bring by the prototype when it was ready. A few months later, we popped in to share the final product. The team was so encouraging about us taking on the venture, they offered to host our launch party. As things moved along, it grew into reaching out to the other locations to see if they would like to host a pop-up as well.

We have been beside ourselves throughout the evolution of this opportunity, and are in awe of the power of women supporting women. As we hopped from one city to another, everyone who worked at the stores were gracious and as sweet as the sweet tea they give their customers. Not only was the experience amazing for our company, it was warming to our entrepreneurial souls.

Southlake, TX

The Southlake Draper James store will always hold a special place in our hearts. BoughtNot only is it where our official launch party was held, the managers of this location are who helped to make the Bow & Sprig, Draper James pop-up tour come to fruition. This first stop of our tour was pure joy. Our friends and family came out to help celebrate our company finally getting off the ground after almost two years of hard work. It was definitely one of our top “pinch me” moments.

Atlanta, GA

Going into this pop-up, we were going mostly blind. With very little experience or retail knowledge, we only had our launch party for reference. The prep was one giant guessing game, so over prepared was our ultimate strategy. Once we arrived in Atlanta and got setup in the store, we hit our stride. We had the most fun meeting and greeting with shoppers! Not to mention, the Draper James team was welcoming and a dream to work with. It was the perfect way to get acquainted with taking Bow & Sprig on the road!

Nashville, TN

Wow! The Nashville location is not only a store, but a tourist destination, and we got to experience this firsthand. People from all over the country were pouring in to look at Reese Witherspoon’s lifestyle brand’s flagship store. It was an amazing honor to be welcomed into the space and to have access to so many different people from different places. The experience was humbling and gave us a real sense that Bow & Sprig is onto something big.

Lexington, KY

As our final stop on the pop-up tour of our dreams, we drove to Lexington from Nashville. Immediately, we were overcome with the charm of the Bluegrass region, and the beautiful décor of the store. The energy in the store was light and the Draper James team was so fun! The shopping center was starting to setup for Christmas festivities. It created such a cozy and merry environment to round out an amazing four weeks of travel!

We will always carry gratitude toward Draper James, their team, and the lovely people we met along the way. With this sentiment, we want to highlight this incredible opportunity was prompted by people embracing us and our mission. We took a chance and made ourselves vulnerable. Overwhelmingly, what we have learned is people want to see you succeed, you just have to let them know you are there. We have spoken to hundreds of people since the day we walked into Draper James with a simple sketch, and we have yet to experience anyone who is cruel or unkind. If you take anything from this blog post, take that if you show others you have faith in yourself, they will too.