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A Love Letter to Blue & White

Dear Blue and White,

Your nickname is "Classic". Since introduction, your partnership has created magic.

Categorically, alone, only one is a neutral, but together you are a tried and true staple.

From Greek villas, to boatneck tops, you’re iconic, a seasoned style mic drop.

Persistently, trends tend to falter, but you manage to stay true, never having to alter.

In an ode to your blanket sophistication, you are coveted by both style novice and maven.

It can be overwhelming with shades and hues galore, but somehow there is always room for one more.

How you manage to keep it fresh through the centuries. History books want to say thanks for the memories.

Ginger jars, flags, gowns, and armchairs; you’re certain to add value most anywhere.

You are adored by many, though sometimes labeled "basic". Even with this critique, you will never be jaded.

Yes, your combination is common choice, but this does not dilute your prominent voice.

You stand for the past, present, and future. Never did your marriage ever need a suture.

Blue and white, keep marching your march. May we follow your example and carry your torch.

May we also influence, adapt, and lead; respecting our foundation, ourselves, our creed.

You may be thinking now we are crazy, and forgive us if this is getting a little too phrasey.

But why limit something so obviously prolific, and only say your color combination is terrific?

True, some may say blue and white are just colors, but you embody tradition, style, and memories for others.

We are not trying to make a mountain of a mole hill, though people will call us melodramatic, still.

We promise you we are not trying to be clever. We just find comfort in knowing somethings are forever.

So thank you blue and white for all that you do. You inspire, you transcend, and just know we love you.